Before putting a post in a new blog, it says this:

“Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”

I seriously thought about just leaving it that way, with my title, subtitle, picture, and About page. I thought it would be kinda funny. You know? Things to Remember, and then find out that what I am looking for (Things to Remember) are not there! It made a statement just as it was.

But, obviously, I am not leaving it that way, because there are things I want to remember. So what does that mean? That I am afraid I will forget? Maybe.

I am not a deep person. Occasionally I will  have an earth-shaking revelation that I think will change my life forever. It consumes my thoughts for days. And then I forget all about it. It is like it never happened.

Then there are just the little, everyday ponderings and observations of the world that get lost in the messy file cabinet of my mind. I think that’s why young people can remember everything; their file cabinets aren’t so full. As we get older, we keep putting more and more things in there, until we lose track of where things are. In fact, some things (many, actually) we forget are there at all!

So, this blog is my attempt to hold on to some things. I will be looking back into old journals (which tend to have maybe 5 pages written on) for inspiration, and I will make observations about God and the world. I hope I say things that are┬ácontroversial and thought provoking, but that isn’t a requirement. I just want a place to store things I want to remember.

And, maybe someone else will find it interesting.