Five Minute Friday

I’ve decided to participate in Lisa-Jo Bakers five minute Fridays. Every Friday, she posts a word on her blog. We are to write about it for five minutes, with our internal editors in the OFF position. Just write whatever comes to mind. Then post to her site which is here. Here we go!

The word for today is: together. GO

We are all better together. We are the BODY of Christ, but only when we are together. Not a foot over here, and a finger over there, but together. It is together that we have all the gifts. What I have that you need is there and vice versa.

In Alaska, the rugged individualist is admired, as is self-sufficiency. Hmm…  Maybe it will be important, someday, that some Christians have embraced self sufficiency and hung on to the ways of living without the modern conveniences we are so accustomed to.

These modern conveniences are part of why there is so much less togetherness. How often do you see women hanging out laundry and talking to their neighbors these days? It is more likely that they don’t even know their neighbors!

And, I used to be in favor of busing kids around to mix up the schools a bit. But now I have seen how that has ruined communities. STOP (Aren’t you wondering how busing ruined communities lol!)


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